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Dank Street Cannabis Club Membership Agreement
Name: Dank Street
Tel No: 073 684 8932

SECTION A: About Dank Street

Associational Objectives
1.    Dank Street Cannabis Club is a private members’ association established for the purpose of:
a.    utilising a Shared / Collective Model of Cannabis Club to facilitate the private, but collective cultivation, consumption, use and possession of Cannabis by responsible persons over 18 years old;
b.    supplying merchandise to its members with tiers of Cannabis gifting attached thereto;
c.    improving the quality of available Cannabis goods, including THC and CBD, for personal use in private by adult persons.

Club Obligations
1.    The Club must safeguard the privacy of members at all times and protect the personal and private information of members.
2.    The Club must provide a safe platform for Cannabis enthusiasts to access Cannabis privately.
3.    The Club must abide by the laws of South Africa as it pertains to Cannabis.

SECTION B: Membership with Dank Street

Membership Conditions, Validity and Fees
1.    Membership is subject to the following conditions:
a.    Members must be 18 years or older (copy of ID required) If you fail to submit request will be     canceled 
b.    Members must have an existing habit of consuming Cannabis
c.    Members must agree (in writing) to the Terms and Conditions stated in this Agreement.
2.    Membership is subject to the Club Rules, made available on the Member Portal . Any breach of this document may lead to termination of membership.
3.    Memberships are not allowed to be shared between more than one member and members are not allowed to grant access to their account to any other person.
4.    Memberships are active from the date of sign-up and until the member or Club decides to terminate the Membership, or upon breach of this Member Agreement.
5.    The Club charges an annual subscription fee of R420,00 per year, payable upon sign-up and accompanied by a yearly gift.
6.    Members may make once-off purchases or subscribe to the Club’s weekly or monthly subscription packages, each with its own fees in relation to the merchandise linked thereto .
7.    Inactivity over a period of 4 months will lead to automatic termination of the membership.

Withdrawals by Members
1.    Members are limited to withdrawing a maximum of 100g of Cannabis gifts per withdrawal.
2.    No Cannabis or Cannabis goods obtained through the Club are allowed to be distributed to any person outside of the Club, for any compensation.

Member Obligations
1.    The member must comply with all conditions specified in Section B.
2.    The member must respect the privacy of other members at all times.
3.    The member must abide by the Club’s Rules and Regulations.
4.    The member must consume Cannabis responsibly, not promote use thereof to children or allow any persons under 18 access to their personal Cannabis.
5.    The member must abide by the laws of South Africa as it pertains to Cannabis.

SECTION C: General Administration

1.    The member and Club agree to indemnify and hold each other harmless from and against claims for damages by any third party as a result of a breach of any obligations or warranties identified in this agreement. 

1.    The Club will use the member’s submitted details as specified in this Agreement, to contact the member regarding Club activities, educational information, legislational changes and other information it may find relevant.
2.    The member will use the following details to communicate with the Club:
Dank Street
Tel No: 073 684 8932
Email Address:

Agreement Breach
Breach of this Agreement by the member will be subject to review by Committee Members and could lead to termination of membership. The Committee reserves the right to terminate memberships immediately by cancelling the membership and notifying the member of such termination.

Dispute Resolution
Grievances or disputes should be directed to the Club Committee Members for resolution.

Agreement Execution and Storage
1.    This digital version of this Agreement is considered valid and binding by the member’s inclusion of details and submission of a digital signature.
2.    This Agreement will be made available to the member via the Member Portal  and stored digitally by the Club in a dedicated and encrypted location.

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