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This section is Pre-order only, all orders placed using this section will only be shipped on the 27th of Feb 2024


All the cuts listed below were hunted by Dank Street Exclusively and are not available from anyone else. or 083 369 3875

Shipping only in SA!

For Pics of Strains please check us out on Instagram - @dankstreetcollective


Secret Agent (The Liquorice Cut) (Starfire Genetix) - R800 Per Cut

Project 4516 x Permanent Marker

Very High, high. Stacks real well with massive solid nugs,

Terps kick in hard at harvest with sweet liquorice flavors

9 Week finish


Colorado Nightshifter (Relentless Genetics) - R1500 Per Cut

Trop Cherry x Frozay94

Very good grow, mid to high yield, flavors are tropicana all day

Great colors and a truly one of a kind smoke

8.5 Weeks to finish


Cement Shoes (Cult Classic Seeds) - R500

Gas and Diesel terps, strong finisher mid yield

9 week finish


White Nightmare (SinCity Seeds) - R500

BlueDream x WhiteMoonshine

Covered in white frost and tweaking with terps,

mid yielding but a very dense structure covered in frost

8 Week finish


Creature Panic (Solfire Gardens) - R500

Creature x Bahama Mama

Very tall lady, she stacks dense tall nugs on every branch,

mid to high yield and banging flavors - Very Strong buzz!

9 Week finish


Cherry Bang Bang (Exotic Genetics) - R500

Mid-sized hitter, covered in cherry terps and frosty rails

8 Weeks and shes done, also good hash plant


Fabulozo (Starfire Genetix) - R600

Zoap x Permanent Marker

Sheesh Terps, Bag Appeal, Yield & Smoke. She gives you everything you could need from a grow

8 Weeks & shes done


Forbidden Zkittles BX (Tikimadman) - R600

Yielder! Worth every inch you can give her, tightly packed, juicy flowers with a high %, color drops in cool temps. Magic to grow

9 Week finish


Jedi's Code (Nocturnal Genetics - Dank Street