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All the cuts listed below were hunted by Dank Street Exclusively and are not available from anyone else. or 083 369 3875

Shipping only in SA!

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Secret Agent (The Liquorice Cut) (Starfire Genetix) - R600 Per Cut

Project 4516 x Permanent Marker

Very High, high. Stacks real well with massive solid nugs,

Terps kick in hard at harvest with sweet liquorice flavors

9 Week finish


Colorado Nightshifter (Relentless Genetics) - R800 Per Cut

Trop Cherry x Frozay94

Very good grow, mid to high yield, flavors are tropicana all day

Great colors and a truly one of a kind smoke

8.5 Weeks to finish


Cement Shoes (Cult Classic Seeds) - R350

Gas and Diesel terps, strong finisher mid yield

9 week finish


White Nightmare (SinCity Seeds) - R500

BlueDream x WhiteMoonshine

Covered in white frost and tweaking with terps,

mid yielding but a very dense structure covered in frost

8 Week finish


Creature Panic (Solfire Gardens) - R500

Creature x Bahama Mama

Very tall lady, she stacks dense tall nugs on every branch,

mid to high yield and banging flavors - Very Strong buzz!

9 Week finish


Cherry Bang Bang (Exotic Genetics) - R500

Mid-sized hitter, covered in cherry terps and frosty rails

8 Weeks and shes done, also good hash plant


Fabulozo (Starfire Genetix) - R600

Zoap x Permanent Marker

Sheesh Terps, Bag Appeal, Yield & Smoke. She gives you everything you could need from a grow

8 Weeks & shes done


Forbidden Zkittles BX (Tikimadman) - R600

Yielder! Worth every inch you can give her, tightly packed, juicy flowers with a high %, color drops in cool temps. Magic to grow

9 Week finish


Jedi's Code (Nocturnal Genetics - Dank Street Cut) - R500

Straight up gas on rails! 9 weeks to finish


Animal Tsunami #1 (Tsunami Seedco) - R600

Very high get busy smoke, 8.5 week finish mid yielder.


Animal Tsunami #5 (Tsunami Seedco) - R800

Super Frost, Super Yield with bag appeal

9 week flower to get thick chunky nugs


Billy 2 (Thug Pug) - R800

Zkittlez x Junior

Dense sweet smelling floral flowers, fantastic natural autum fade

9 week flower


Prophesy #14 (Gage Green Group) - R1200

Purple Punch x Breathwork #1

Very Tasty, good stacking OG Strain

8 weeks to finish


Prophesy #10 (Gage Green Group) - R2500

Purple Punch x Breathwork #1

Next level high yielder, with decent frost and terps

(Great for breeder projects) 8/9 Weeks to finish


Why You Gelly (Solfire Gardens) - R600

Gelato #33 x The Don Mega

Sweet sticky Goodness, stacks hard mid sized lady not much strech but covers every corner with dense nugs

8/9 Weeks


Atomic Jelly (Inhouse Genetics) - R500

Jelly Breath x Platinum Kush Breath

More Jelly terps pulling through with a good yield and frost

8 weeks to finish


Girl Scout Cookies (Blimburn) - R300

Nice stacker, mid to high yield, very smooth buzz

9 Weeks to finish



White Truffle x Garlic Sherb (Unreleased Inhouse Genetics) - R500 Per Cut

High yielding and full flavor grow, great for all day smoke

8.5 Weeks flower time


Candy Pave 3 (Compound Genetics) - R600 Per Cut

Lineage: Eye Candy x Pave (Pave is Paris OG x The Menthol)

Indica Leaning, Earthy to creamy gas menthol.

9 Weeks and she’s done.


Jessica Rabbit 4 (Lit Farms) - R350 Per Cut

Lineage: Red Velvet x Temptation

Dank Street notes. Pheno 4 is a higher yielding pheno type, with sweet and creamy terps. She stacks well and is super frosty. (Balanced between the parents)


Triple Burger (Skunk House Genetics) - R350 Per Cut

Lineage: GMO x Double Burger

Indica Leaning hydrid that flowers in 8 to 9 weeks

GMO terp profile and a fine everyday smoke.


Blood Bath (Lit Farms) - R350 Per Cut

Lineage: Bubble Bath x Red Velvet

To those looking for frost and terps, this is the one for you.

8 to 9 weeks flowering with a very fine head high.


Grand Daddy Purple (Kens Original) - R300 Per Cut

Lineage: Grand Daddy Purple x Grand Daddy Purple

Wow she gets tall during stretch with thick cascading flowers.

Smells like the Original Purple Punch sugary goodness and tastes even better.


Glamorous Grapes (Square One Genetics) - R600 Per Cut (Limited Only)

Lineage:(Forum GSC x Grape Rock Candy x Banana ButterCup F2)

This lovely lady is for terp heads or breeders, she stacks seriously sticky Grape Candy Flavoured nugs. You will not find a better Grape Candy sensation than this. Flowers in 8 weeks, not a tall pheno.


Apple Jelly 2 (Starfire Genetix) - R350 Per Cut

Lineage: Jealousy (Gelato 41 X Sherb BX1) x Apples N Bananas((Platinum Cookies X Grand Daddy Purple) X Blue Power)) X Gelatti. Very easy grow and rewarding finish.

Flowering Time 8 weeks


Sugar Cake (Jungle Boys) - R450 Per Cut

Lineage: Divorce Cake x Jungle Cake

Sweet Pastry Terps, great for Indoors even better for Outdoor

Flowering Time 8 weeks


Grape Stomper OG BX (Sunken Treasure Seeds) - R600 Per Cut

Lineage: Grape Stomper OG x Mac Stomper

Flowering Time 8.5 Weeks

She has a cool grape menthol terp profile, covered in sticky frost.

High crystal content.


Dank Street Fresca Cut - Starbursts (Starfire Genetix) - R350 Per Cut

Lineage: Mai Tai x Apples N Bananas ((Platinum Cookies X Grand Daddy Purple) X Blue Power)) X Gelatti

Flowering Time 8 Weeks

Nothing Tastes like Fresca, Super Frosty with Passion Fruit terps.


Supreme Oreos (Starfire Genetix) - R350 Per Cut

Lineage: Gary Payton X Oreoz

Flowering Time 9 weeks

Dank Street Cuts


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