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Dear Valued Clients,

We've been diligently working behind the scenes to consistently bring you the latest gear. Pheno hunting demands time, resources, and space, and it's a collective effort. Together, we've strived to ensure we offer you the best, and it's time to unveil our backstage operations.

Welcome to a space dedicated to cuts hunted by our collective growers—individuals who pour their time and passion into their craft just as we do. Here, fellow growers showcase their hunted cuts, rigorously verified and tested by Dank Street before becoming available to you. Each cut originates from our community members, who are duly rewarded with a percentage of every sale.

Exciting news awaits! Soon, we'll open doors for the public to submit and join our collective. Additionally, we're gearing up with a Tissue Culture Lab to guarantee the delivery of clean and trusted cuts directly to you. (Anticipated launch: June/July 2024)

For every listed cut, you'll find the Original Pheno Hunter's details per strain. Show them some love on Instagram – they truly deserve it!

Stay tuned for more updates! or 083 369 3875

Shipping only in SA!

For Pics of Strains please check us out on Instagram - @dankstreetcollective

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OG Alert - Exodus Cheese x Blue Dream (Original Old Skool) - R800

Hunter (Annonomous)

Limited QTY Available for Nov, More in Jan (Heavy Yeilding Indica)


Lemon Cherry Belts (Lit Farms) - R800

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Rainbow Belts X Lemon Cherry Gelato

8 to 9 Weeks in flower. Solid Sticky Fruity Beast!


Violet Cake (Robin Hood Seeds) - R500

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Wild berry Cake x GRC x BBC

8 to 9 Weeks in flower. Sweet Gass.


Honeycomb Pave (Compound Genetics) - R500

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Big Face x Pavé (Pave is Paris OG x The Menthol)

Oof, just order it. 8 Weeks in flower and you will be blessed.


Candy Pave 2 (Compound Genetics) - R500

Hunter @Capegenetics

Lineage: Eye Candy x Pave (Pave is Paris OG x The Menthol)

Indica Leaning, Earthy to creamy gas menthol.

8 Weeks and she’s done.


Fruit Kings 5 (Inhouse Genetics) - R500

Hunter @Capegenetics

Lineage: Forbidden Fruit x King Sherb

Tropical Citrus and Tropicana terps all the way.

Good stacking, great addition to the vault.


Permanent Marker BX1 (Seedjunky) - R1000

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: (Biscotti x Jealousy) x Sherb Bx

If you know, you know. Biggest strain of the year

If you grow, you need one of these in the library.

Fantastic pheno you do not want to miss.


Gelato 41 (Lit Farms) - R800

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Gelato #41 x Gelato #41 S1

(Gelato is Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies)

Another heavy hitter that ticks all the boxes. Only a limited amount available.

Frosty, Terpy and bag appeal.


Sugar Loaf (3rd Coast Genetics) - R500

Hunter @Capegenetics

Lineage: New Oreoz x Pure Michigan

Delicious all-day smoke.



Amoretto Sour (Seed Junky Genetics) - R500

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Zkittlez x Animal Mints x (Biscotti x Sherb Bx)

Flowering Time 8 to 9 weeks


Grape Stank (Compound Genetics) - R500

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Garlic Grove x Grape Gasoline hybrid

Flowering Time 8 to 9 weeks


Caribbean Breeze (Seed Junky Genetics) - R500

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Pineapple Fruz x (Biscotti x Sherb BX)

Flowering Time 8 to 9 weeks


Laughing Gas x Lemon Kush Mints (Compound Genetics) - R1000 

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Laughing Gas x Lemon Kush Mints (Not to be missed)

Flowering Time 8.5 weeks


Bad Decisions (Lit Farms) - R500

Hunter @Confee007

Lineage: Apples & Bananas x Temptation

Flowering Time 8 to 9 weeks


Apple Banana Candy (Lit Farms) - R500

Lineage: Apples & Bananas x Grandi Candy


Perzimmon (Compound Genetics) - R600

Lineage: Rainbow Cheddar x Gastro Pop


Southern Goo (THC Tribe Breeder Cut) - R600


Pink Certz (Compound Genetics) Confee Cut - R800

Lineage: The Menthol x Grape Gasoline


Animal Runtz (Lit Farms) - R500

Lineage: Animal Mints x Runtz


Master Piece (Inhouse Genetics) Confee Cut - R500

Lineage: Capjunky x Platinum


Lemon Cherry Mints (Lit Farms) Confee Cut - R500

Kush Mints x Lemon Cherry Gelato


Mexican Flan (Cookies X SeedJunky) - R1000

Ice Cream Cake x Animal Mints

Fair Trade Community Cuts


24 Pack Discount

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