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Dank Street Exclusive Cuts


Stock dropping June the 10th


Imported Original Breeder Cuts,

Direct from the source.

We will endeavor to bring you only the best of what the world has access to.

Imported Original Breeder Cuts Only in this section.

We will try and bring you more fire as the year goes on.


Newest Addition to our imported line up

Animal Tsunami - Jungle Boys Cut - R4 600.00 per cut

Original breeder Tsunami Seed co

Directly from the breeder, heavy yielding and around 30% on tests

Animal Cookies x Caramel Tsunami

Not to be missed!


First Original breeder cut to arrive in South Africa for our lineup.

Beleaf Cannabis


Chimera 2 (Imported for the USA) R2000 per cut


This Legendary cross of White Truffle and THE CREATURE is an absolutely stunning example of a plant that checks all boxes!!! Harvest weight 3g per watt with amazing quality, trichome encrusted buds of LOVE!!! Trichome coverage is EXTREME and the terps are off the chart with notes of Butterscotch, Caramel, Port Wine and Orange Tic Taks. Flavors hold up to the terps profile and comes across the palate with ampul rich creamy smoke laced with creme Brule, flan and custard profiles which all combine gracefully in what is very close to Butterscotch Pudding. Just a joy to grow with large colas of buds that will definitely need extra trellis and support. She finishes in 70 days and yields 4% fresh frozen. All clones have been hunted and rerun at least twice before listing.

Chimax #18 – Beleaf Breeder Cut - R6000 per cut
Type: Rooted
Lineage: Love Seed 2.254 X Chimera #3
Flowering Time: 65 Days
Brand: Beleaf Cannabis
Flavour and Grow Info: Fat and dense nuggets with a copious amount of trichomes. Very dense, amazing bud structure. Nutty and gassy. Big Producer.



Next in this exciting section is an African first

This is the first cut to arrive on this Continent.

Introducing this highly sought-after Breeder Cut, featuring the


Blockhead Buds - Blockberry Breeder Cut. 

(Imported for the USA) R6000 per cut


With a staggering 31.7% content and a yield of 3-4 plants per light, this is the perfect choice for those looking for high potency and a bountiful harvest. Not only that, but this strain also hits almost 2% on the terp test, making it a flavorful addition to any grow. And with its easy-to-grow nature, it's perfect for both novice and experienced cultivators alike. Don't miss your chance to get your hands on this mammoth plant and improve your bottom line.



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